Iago Plays it Cool with Roderigo by Stardazia

April 18, 2017


Iago Plays it Cool with Roderigo

My class and I are reading Shakespeare’s “Othello.” I will be reciting from lines 294-313 Act 2.1.

I played Iago conversing with Roderigo about the downfall of Othello. I am a very insecure person when it comes to reciting something. I chose a tone that is cool with some big uproars and a mild pace.

Iago is evil with every intent to hurt Othello and if Desdemona gets caught in the crossfire than she will burn with him.

I spoke with a calm tone because Iago would play it cool around¬†Roderigo¬†with some uproars because Iago wants to get his point across, and that’s why my tone has a mild pace.