My name is Lizet Hernandez and I am currently reading Othello. To begin with I pick Act 1 scene 3 lines 194-203  when Desdemona told Brabantio her love for Othello and like her mom showed her father that she preferred Brabantio over her own father.  The character that I was performing was Desdemona. The reason why I picked this play was because I think its really interesting and emotional how Desdemona challenged her own father who has given her everything, in return paying him by getting married in secret.  Her tone at first sounded with gratitude towards her father for giving her education and life, although she shows signs of respect in the position that Brabantio is in but at the end she shows determination and defensive towards her love to Othello.  When I was performing these lines I was aware that I had to make a few pauses in order to sound realistic. I also had to do a sensitive tone when Desdemona is thanking Brabantio for what he has done for her. During my rehearsal I had to practice my sweet voice because when I talk I sound very serious so people could interpret that I could be mad. Leading towards the end of the play I had to sound determine and defensive and not mad.  What I understood from my character is that she is willing to defend her love and challenge anyone. Her emotions rise when she told her father she prefers Othello. Her traits escalated because from a sweet, behaved girl and all of sudden she turn into someone who decided to do what she wanted.





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