Why Does Shakespeare Matter? by Lilian

April 21, 2017


Why Does Shakespeare Matter?

In the video “why study shakespeare today?”it gives some reasons shakespeare is studied in schools today because it’s a easier way to think about contemporary issues. Students feel free discussing this issues with each other after reading a book that includes a lot of  types of issues. Also because it’s important for teachers to teach  students other language (modern english). We know that shakespeare invented words and is something that is happening now, people is coming up with this different type of words. The strategies I’m using for better understanding are audiobook, and shakespeare made easy. I use those strategies because it helps me have a better understanding of the reading. Also I am able to hear and read the words which make it more clear for me to know what type of situation the play is taking because of the sound and the tone of the characters. I use shakespeare made easy in order to see a translation into normal english.I’m feeling really comfortable working with the play right now because I have a lot of resources that helps me have a better understanding and my classmates are also there to help me when i feel that I’m not  having a full understanding of something.