The words that I decided to use was Citadel, thou, hither. The word Citadel comes from the 15th century which means “fortress commanding a city” To be honest it is pretty old, I have never heard this word in any place until now. The other other word is thou, the word thou is used really often in Othello.  The word thou really does not have a year but it is used in many places mostly European countries.  A few times I heard this word but it was only in poems. The last word is hither which means to address to he/here. The only place I heard this word is in my English class and it Shakespeare’s Othello play.

“I’ll tear her up to pieces”-Othello 478  


This quote is when Othello gets super upset when Iago starts telling him that he saw Cassio wiping his face with Desdemona’s handkerchief. The handkerchief is super special for Othello because an Egyptian gave it to his mother to keep her husband under her wing. It has some magic and knowing that handkerchief was in the hands of a cynical according to Othello he Wants to tear Desdemona For that reason. It’s sad to realize how a relationship can start as very peaceful and everything sugar sweet to the king where I want to tear you into pieces ! It’s so bizarre because Othello’s heart is poisoned by Iago. Tear is a strong word to use in a relationship because it’s basically destroying something to the point where it does not exist anymore. Tearing desdemona won’t bring or clean the gutter thoughts that Othello has of his own wife or that the love that he has for her is now different. Pieces, Shakespeare refers as in the life of othello and desdemona as a puzzle because the pieces they needed to finish the puzzle was beat the filthy mouths that are the force of destruction which is Iago and Emilia. Pieces is related to something that you cannot fix in this case Othello’s view in pure Desdemona.

Cassio, “I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial” 257

Basically what this means is that Cassio truly cares about his reputation and it’s something very important to him and getting drunk and almost killing montano made him look like the worst lieutenant. However, when he says he lost his immortal part of himself it’s like his reputation was untouchable because he knew what to do without doing stupid thing but Iago Insisted him to drink he was peer pressured and now the only thing that remain is his reputation destroyed and he just looks bad. The remaining are bestial because he can’t do anything to change the whole thing when he acted repulsive the only thing he can do now is continue and try to make it up for othello and himself.

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