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The objects in my shadow box represent me and my point of view of objects. My first object is the most important  colors that I have are blue and white. Why do I have this colors? I have these colors because they represent the country that I am from which is El Salvador that is my assigned identity. The words that are outside of the box means the countative narratives (what people assume about me). The inside means who I am and not what people say that is my dominant narratives. Some colors that my box have each one of them have different meanings like the color orange I have that color because it represents the positive words about who I really am. El Salvador is my nationality because that was the place where I was born, that is why my box have the map from El Salvador in the inside of my box nationality

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November 3, 2019 6:37 pm

Hello Victor! I am Aerielle, a student at San Jose State! I really like how each color you included in your shadow box has a special meaning, it is really thoughtful. You say that the color orange represents the positive words of who you are and I find that really interesting! Why do you think orange best represents the positive words of who you are? Is it because it is your favorite color? For me, I would say that yellow would represent the positive words of me because it is bright and I think it is a happy color. I really like how you mentioned El Salvador a lot of times, it really shows that you are proud of your roots! It makes me happy that you are happy with who you are! I think we have a lot of similarities! Such as the fact that we both would choose similar colors to represent the positve sides of us as well as the fact that we are both proud of our roots! I think you did an amazing job on your shadow box!

October 30, 2019 7:59 pm

Hi Victor! My name is Miah and I’m a student at San Jose State University. I love your shadow box. I really admire how proud you are of where you came from. All of the bright colors add so much to the overall look and I love that they each have a different meaning.

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