This shadow box represents, my culture and myself. When people look at me, they see sometimes see me as Salvadoran or White. I put my flag from my country because, I’m proud to be natinx. I like so much the food from my country that’s why I thought put the typical food and the national things of my country too. I feel that what I put in my shadow box is important so that people really know where I come from and how I am. I am happy, I always spend watching memes, so I thought to put the word “memes” because that is what I always do.In the place where I lived there were many trees so I put trees in my shadow box for my culture.

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Christine Manasan
April 12, 2020 4:17 am

Hi Fanny!

My name is Christine Manasan from San Jose State University. I really liked what you have said in your post, especially about the food! People do not realize how much food has an impact on someones life and culture. Culture is very important to you and I appreciate how you expressed that through your shadow box and post. Also, memes are great and I am glad we both enjoy looking at memes!

Thanks 🙂

October 30, 2019 6:40 pm

Hello Fanny, my name is Madison and I am a student at SJSU. What stuck out to me the most was the big lettered “MEMES” I had not yet clicked on the whole post but once I did read about the meaning of memes in your life it helped me understand and connect it with you. I can heavily relate to the part about how people look at you and only see one ethnicity and not both. I, myself am mixed with mexican and chinese but most people only assume that I am either chinese/caucasian or just caucasian. I really enjoyed reading how you are proud to be natinx and that you are proud of the cultural and your own heritage.

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