The items that are in this box is the message behind my identities, my counter narratives. When I appear in one’s eyesight, they see a vulnerable and young girl: Brown hair and eyes. Some brown eyes hold the same story but mines hold limitless stories.  These momentous items claim only a few of my identities that show my counter narrative. These items symbolize my religion, my nationality, and my gender identity. I’ve lived in an environment where I had to be someone I was expected to be. And I have chosen that to be my identity. This significant identity has put me down by others but also beneficial made me different than other cisgender individuals. Because of this, I displayed colorful butterflies which represent a real woman’s beauty.  These butterflies are nowhere near to what stereotypes describe them. Next, I represented my nationality and religion. My stories begin from the place I started. These places will always maintain a place in my identity. The culture and beliefs that surround these places will always make me feel belong. Positivity isn’t always spread from theses places. People can always come up with assumptions and those assumptions become dominant narratives. I’ve made my shadow box to show my perspective of living with these norms. My counter narrative to be shown in this single box.

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November 4, 2019 4:56 pm

Hello Edith, my name is Kayla Whittiker and I am a San Jose State University student and I wanted to let you know that this is a wonderful shadow box. I really enjoyed reading on it because every item has a deeper meaning than what you see. You touched on everything your shadow box means to you through you nationality, religion, and gender identity and it was such a good representation with these items included. I see you put an alien in the middle of your box and with the counter narrative, it really made the completion. Good job Edith.

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