Oscar Llamas

June 24,2016

Dear President,

One of the things that I find really important and need to have more focus on is sexual orientation discrimination. As you may know on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida at the Pulse nightclub 50 people were shot and killed including the shooter. When I found out what happened that same morning I could not believe that things like this still tend to happen especially in a place where these people go to be who they truly are without being judged for being them. This really hit home because as I was going up I really did not feel safe for being myself I would get bullied almost every day just because I was gay and I hated myself for a long time because I knew I was different than everyone else and had no one to relate with.

Once I entered High School I was able to make friends who have gone through the same thing I did just because they were gay and we were able to be like a support system for each other but we still felt like we could be ourselves, even though people in high school really didn’t care that we were gay. We would always talk about how once we turned eighteen we were all going to go to a gay club that our older friends would talk about all the time and how everyone there is very welcoming and themselves with no one to judge them or hurt them just because they were being them. Fast forwarding to our senior year we all turned eighteen and the first thing we did was go to that club that we would always talk about when we were freshman, as soon as we got there we felt right at home because everyone there were just being them without anyone telling them to stop or looking at them a wrong way. We finally felt safe for once and who would’ve known that it would at a gay club where you don’t know anyone that’s there, but still but still having that feeling of comfort that you can be who you are and actually having more people you can relate to and maybe even know other people that went through even worse thing than what you went through.

Now with what happened in Orlando, people that are part of the LGBTQ+ community but are still are in the closet are even more scared to come out because they have this fear that someone wants to go kill them just people of the person they like. It’s worse enough that these people are scared enough to come out but now to even go somewhere that allows people to be who their true selves without having to be told not to be that way.


Oscar Llamas

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