Dear President.


This letter is being written  because we as a people need to look upon this subject and work on it as a country. Sexual Assault is a serious crime that requires serious punishments to discourage people from committing the crime even more. Sadly many punishments that were are given out are very dissapointing. Some people get a slap on the wrist in many cases for various reasons like skin color, background, wealth, and the amount of power and influence one’s family may have. The reasons I just listed shouldn’t even come unto consideration in a courtroom, yet those same reasons always come into play during the trials. Its terrible that people who comic this crime can get away from the punishment they deserve or get an even worse punishment because of these very reasons.


Even if we don’t give them a punishment they deserve we should at least extend more help towards the victim. The victims almost never get the help they deserve and they go their whole lives without some type of help in some cases and honestly it’s unbelievable. There’s just so many issues with Sexual Asslt that we need to fix as a whole, please take this into consideration.

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October 27, 2017 4:46 pm

Dear Jontae, I totally agree with you about sexual harassment! Your idea that people of different races and genders are punished is so true, even Donald Trump is never punished for acts such as this! I feel that this problem is because in a court, sometimes it is not a jury of your peers, but those of other races and social classes, which creates a bias against someone. I also think that it is very important to raise awareness about this national problem, and I hope it can be remedied soon. Thank you for your post! – Hunter Hollenbeck

October 27, 2017 4:21 pm

Sexual assault is a serious matter that never gets dealt with properly. Especially for women. When females get assaulted or raped people always wanna find an excuse for why they for raped for example what they were wearing or if they screamed loud enough. Which is not right because no matter what we look like it still happens. Criminals of assault need to be dealt with better.

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