My video is about sex trafficking in Southeast Asia. In these areas, young women and girls are forced to sell their bodies either for food, money, and/or to pay off their family debts. For them, this is the only way to survive, yet, it is at the expense of their own humanity and freedom. I am passionate about this because I feel that it’s unfair that people are forced to go through this because others are unwilling. The serious injustice done is that the government knows about the issue, however, they chose to ignore it in favor of these projects. It is unjust that many live in luxury and riches, while others sell their bodies for food.

Before starting this project, I had a vague idea about the situation that was going on in the area. I had previously watched documentaries about the issue, as well as read articles about the desperation of these poor girls and women. I was aware of the problem that was occurring and that the government was ignoring them and not helping to solve the issue.

After doing this project, I learned that there have been movements by the UN and the governments involved to solve the issue. I also learned that Thailand has the highest rates of prostitution and is the most reluctant of Southeast Asian countries to monitor the problem. I also learned that tourism has helped fuel it because tourists from places such as the U.S. are sick enough to believe that they are helping the girls.

In conclusion, I made this project in the hopes of educating people about the issue and making sure that they understand that the desperation of these women is dire and severe. People should try and help those in need either through donations, or condemn those that support the trade.

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May 16, 2019 12:43 pm

Dear Sex Trafficking in South Asia :

I am torn by this poverty showcase, having women sell their bodies because they think it’s the only way to survive is just sickening I made my own blog and instagram posts concerning the same topic. My blog is called and my instagram page is @sextrafficking.awarness_ because my friend and I think more light needs to be shed upon this concerning topic. Not enough action is made upon something so serious and there needs to be a change.
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “In these areas, young women and girls are forced to sell their bodies either for food, money, and/or to pay off their family debts. For them, this is the only way to survive, yet, it is at the expense of their own humanity and freedom. “I think this is a crucial part of the post because it highlights the disgusting circumstances all these women are facing and how much help they need.

Elsa N.
April 20, 2018 2:52 am

Dear Lalla-Aicha,

I am very intrigued by your post because it’s so important and needs to be paid attention to. I generally found out about sex trafficking through law and order and did my own research afterwards. Like mold, sex trafficking will grow (especially in Thailand and Asia) and most people won’t notice it until something severe happens. Therefore, this topic should be acted on because people shouldn’t need to do this to themselves for their basic necessities.
One sentence you said that stands out for me is when you said that they need this to supports debts, and EAT FOOD. I think this is absolute madness because such basic necessities that we take advantage of is something that someone else in the world has to sell their body for.
Another sentence that I was really surprised by was: that they were sold as brides! This stood out for me because someone just threw their entire life for money. Life is something that we should value and it is unnecessary to have to throw away the privilege of living this life that will never be able to be retrieved.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this topic is very important. Also, you make very good arguments to your powerful topics.

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