In America today, many kids who are in or are going to go into college, are stressed with the options, prices, grades, and placement. It is a very competitive environment and at what cost? We must get the best grades, be the highest in placement, get the best scores, but it’s not about how we do it, it’s just if we get there. The whole system has just become a game of learn, repeat, present, forget. We will study hours on end about subjects that we won’t ever use in our lifetimes. I don’t know about most people but I can 100% assure I will not need to know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell, or how to find the sin and cosine of a line, or how to use long division. 

We need to start learning things in school that are necessary to what we actually will have to use in life. I don’t know how to file my taxes yet. How do I apply for a loan? What about a mortgage? Can I buy a car and with what interest rate? How do I refinance? What happens if I blow my tire on the road? What should I look for in an insurance program? These are the questions we need to have an answer and at least a basic understanding. How are we supposed to be let out of high school without knowing how to do any of this? Most of us want to further our education so how do we manage student debt?

Aside from figuring out how to function in society and live, is the perfect grades a real reflection of intellect? Some students are very intelligent, but they can’t take test well, or homework is hard for them to do. But then there are the kids who that isn’t so complicated. They do the work, and spit it back out on a test, forget about it. But they never understood the subject or material. Everyone learns everything a different way, how should we accomadate for those with different ways of learning? The whole education system in America is a joke and a fraud.

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December 16, 2019 1:30 am

Hi Amber,
Your post was intriguing to read although I do not agree with the fact that you said, “The whole education system in America is a joke and a fraud.” School is a necessary part about growing up because you learn how to interact with people. If we didn’t have school we would not be exposed to as much as we are now from different ethnicities to languages. I agree that school has not done a good job with preparing us for things like finances or simple things like fixing a tire. Maybe there could be a couple required classes added to the school curriculum to help with that. What would you want done to have the school system prepare us for life skills? Do you think that if students already know what job they want to pursue should not have to take any classes that do not relate to that job? Here is a link to a Ted-Ed Blog where Adora Svitak talks about how school doesn’t prepare students for life but gives solutions to this increasing problem,

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