There is a problem with people who text and drive. People are so attached to their phones that they use it while they drive. This distracts the driver from paying attention on the road which not only puts their life in danger but other drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bikers at risk. In the article I read it said “’It takes about 5 seconds to send or receive a text message,’ she said. ‘At highway speeds, that’s about 300 yards the car travels. That’s a pretty far distance for a driver not to be paying attention.’”

AT&T had a solution. They created a driving simulation which simulated them in a car where others around them are texting and driving. They experience some close calls with the simulation ending with them being T-boned and dying. There are objections with this simulation on if the imagery that is shown is too graphic and inappropriate for viewers. While it is graphic it does give a taste of the dangers and consequences of what texting and driving can result in.

The solution is feasible as it can scare people into wanting to be more safe. It is cost-effective because if it works there will be less accidents on the roads and more people will live. It is a computer based program which does not need money to simulate. This is promising more than alternate solutions because people can tell someone not to do something and they will still not listen. It is only when someone goes through a traumatic experience when they realize how serious something really is. This simulation does a good job with that. This simulation could work in Utah to help drivers become more safe. Additionally my annotations show the break down of the important parts of the article.

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January 10, 2020 6:34 pm

Jonathan, you did a great job of evaluating and explaining the problem at hand then proposing a solution. The inclusion of previous trials and their success with this strategy really pointed to the potential and viability of this solution to texting and driving. Your train of logic and deduction was coherent and clear. I think your annotations only continued to make this clear and give me a better look into your deeper thought processes and how you add individualism to the solution.

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