Saving the planet by Monica

December 14, 2021


Saving the planet

In the article, “ A teen’s plan to Save a Warning planet”(Upfront) I learned that Felix Finkbeiner started planting plants when he was in elementary school, he said that it was a project called “ climate change.” After his classmates help him to plant trees, until they plant 1 million trees,but that’s not the end of the story now Felix has blossomed into a global movement called Plant for the planet , and volunteers  have planted 14.2 billion trees worldwide. He mentioned, “ Trees alone can’t solve that climate crisis.” His goal is to plant 1 trillion trees. He also mentioned that, “ the more we make use of their abilities, the better off we’ll be.” The more plants we plant the better the climate will be. 

I think these ideas are great because there is a huge crisis that is happening right now about climate change. Climate change affects us in many ways, So I think planting more trees is amazing, and contributing to this we help ourselves. Because we need the trees to prevent climate change.

What do you think of planting trees?