Black Lives Matter demands need to be fought for. Kids and young adults need to learn about their culture. Throughout time kids have been taught about their culture, more so their history which can help change the narrative of how schools are run. Maybe more African American teachers will be respected because of what students believe in. We also need studies programs in schools that help kids learn that punishment is not always necessary. Sometimes a lesson can be taught thought out focusing, using a voice and vision. Teaching a new way of life and culture can help students grow with society and workforce.

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May 30, 2019 5:16 pm

The concept you are presenting above is amazing. I also believe that the youth is important when it comes to changing the narrative in how schools are run. I am also aware of how African Americans are always getting the short end of the stick. It is not fair and things need to be changed. I am currently working on an action plan to change the name of an elementary school in my neighborhood. The school’s name is Richard J Daley, we are targeting this school specifically due to his involvement in one of the worst race riots in Illinois history. The 1919 riot was such a horrific event in Chicago history and does not get the acknowledgement it deserves. We plan to change it to Eugene Williams who was an African American boy who was murdered by white people after crossing the imaginary boundary between the 2 races. This issue is important to us and we are wondering if you’s would like to help.

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