Save the World by Selena

October 2, 2020


Save the World

One thing for sure it is, today we try not to use plastic. Whether it is plastic bags, straws, cups, etc. Many companies, restaurants, and other businesses have made the decision to have many other their items used to be recycled. Over time, the plastic has ended up in the oceans, lakes, rivers, and other natured places it does not decompose.

In an article called, “Plastic Bag Are Gonna Stay For A While” I learned that in the United States alone used and threw away four tons of plastic bags and wraps in 2017. I think it is very important that we conserve our world and nature around us. We want healthy air and clean surrounding when we go out to places. You go somewhere and you may see plastic cups or bags on the side of the freeways and it stays there for time on end until someone cleans it up.

Plastic bags can be a good thing but also bad because it is one of the main reasons of pollution. It also uses 8% of oil resources in production and after its thrown away, it remains toxic to the environment.

How can you save the world from plastic you might ask?

  1. Using reusable bags when shopping
  2. Using paper straws
  3. Invest in refillable water bottles
  4. Bar soap, instead of liquid

There is many more ways to save from using plastic. I encourage everyone to not litter and recycle.