Climate change is something that affects all living organisms in our world. One of these is a species of tortoise in the Galapagos Islands-the Galapagos tortoises. A team of students from Cazares High School are trying to make a difference and save these little guys.

In an article by Deepa Fernandes, the problem surrounding these creatures and climate change is described. Due to global warming, there was a terrible drought that dried up all the grass, so the tortoises had nothing to eat. There has been no rain to water and replenish the grass, so these creatures have had to go a year without a stable supply of food. Lots of them are loosing weight and many are even dying. It is becoming a dire situation. The Galapagos Islands have always been at risk for a big climate change impact, because their ecosystems can easily succumb to environmental damage.

However, the students and teachers at Cazares High School are taking action. The teachers are educating their students of this problem, so that they can help be a part of the solution. These students are going to the Galapagos National Park to record data about this species. They are tracking, weighing, and recording these giant creatures and gathering data to pass on to real scientists. They are trying to see the diet of them and establishing what can be done to make it so these little guys don’t completely go extinct. They even find that these tortoises are eating plastic, and alert the National Park so that something can be done about it.

It is not just Cazares High School trying to educate their students to be a part of a solution to climate change. It is the entire Ecuadorian School System. They are implementing educational programs to help create the next generation of eco-friendly and environmentally aware citizens. After tracking tortoises, some students took a step further. They decided to go down to the beach and study marine life. This is an entirely individual project, not one that the school assigned. They have implemented this idea of working and being a part of the solution to these kids, and they are taking action in their own projects. A group of students is tracking plastic in the ocean, analyzing sand erosion, and monitoring marine turtle eggs. It is this education of young people that is going to save our planet. Park rangers even have programs for kids as young as five to go and learn about climate change.

Many people may disagree with this problem of climate change and solution to fix it by educating students. Many people do not even believe in climate change, however they should still learn to be environmentally conscience. It is these people who do not believe in it that need to be educated about the topic even more than everyone else. Another critique to the solution is that not everyone will participate and contribute to the solution. However, if at least schools are educating their students about it, that brings more hope than none. Even if not all students go out and try to make change, we would still get a lot more than we have now. If teachers actually go out and show their kids the extent of the problem, it could spark a fascination in some of them to go and make change. Even if it doesn’t get through to everybody, we should still attempt to educate all students about the extent of the issue.

I believe this solution is more than feasible for everyone to do. I believe that educating the next generation of adults is a great solution. We must show and make aware the extent of the problem and more places should be like the Ecuadorian School System. More schools and teachers should offer knowledge and programs in order to show their students how they can be part of the solution to climate change. We are going to be the next generation living on this Earth, and we don’t want it to die before we do that. That is why we don’t want our planet to die so getting educated about this type of stuff is very important. It is an easy, mostly cost-free (unless you go out in the environment and do labs), and promising solution that I believe our school systems should strive for. Not all schools need to focus on tortoises, like this High School did, it just about informing each other of the situation our planet is facing.

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