Dear Future President,

I’d like to address the fact that our oceans are getting continuously worse and worse and there are little organizations or foundations that are trying to solve the issue. I believe that people should help more often and give more thought to what’s happening to our economy because healthy oceans support life and growth to our planet.

The Earth is seventy-one percent water and if we don’t take action soon, our oceans and marine life will be severely polluted. Although 3.1 percent of the ocean is protected, that’s a very small portion of our Earth’s water, which in the long run, if that percentage doesn’t go up, the oceans pollutants would be harmful to even the humans. This would evidently cause toxic wastes to the marine animals habitat and the hurt the food chain. This affects human health from contamination which causes birth defects, cancer, or long term health problems. Ocean pollution also depletes oxygen content in the water from the prevention of sunlight. The inhabitants in the deep waters need protection and conservation before we damage it any further.

Pollution and litter aren’t the only things that are destroying habitats and endangering many species, but also fishing practices. Now I’m not suggesting that we should all stop fishing, but the industrial fishing practices result on reliance on fossil fuels. Not only that, but the disposal of all the oil and motor oil leave bad effects to the our waters and its inhabitants. Oceans are the backbone to our ecosystem and they don’t have an endless capacity to hold waste.

As our next president, you have the power to help make a difference in the planet that we all live on. Some suggestions are possibly passing restrictions for littering and polluting too much while also promoting more recycling. If you made more awareness to the foundation recently created for cleaner energy and climate control by the Obama administration, it would raise more attention to changing our environment. So as our next president,I hope you take this into consideration  I think you could really make a difference in your term by helping the world we live in by making it a cleaner, and safer place to live.


Thank you,

Mary Pricco

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March 10, 2017 2:59 pm

Hi Mary! I agree fully heartedly! I also made a L2P about environmental issues and I agree on everything you’re saying.

October 6, 2016 6:07 pm

I agree only 3.1 of the ocean is being saved which is not right! I think people need to stop throwing trash in the ocean and oil and killing the sea creatures for food. Start thinking the ocean is your home and your people. Would you wanna destroy your house???

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