I chose to read Sapiens, a brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. I decided to read this book because I was having a deep conversation with my parents about what life is and why people make their decisions. We also talked about world problems and how sometimes we make bad choices that lead to disaster and that these events could have been easily avoided. After talking with my parents, my dad recommended that I read this book to answer my questions and give me a better understanding of life.
This book has been a great read so far, and I plan to continue to read this book. This book has been very entertaining and eventful. I enjoy reading this book because it has sparked my interests, and it’s always giving me answers about the world and us humans.
The first part of this book is about the Cognitive Revolution. Which mostly talks about Homo Sapiens evolution and how their ways of thinking have changed and evolved. It talks about how our ways of communication have changed to be more descriptive, and our change in contact is a big reason for our survival and success. The author also tells us about Homo Sapiens conquering the globe and moving around from place to place. Part 1 was about us evolving and our actions as hunters and gatherers. Part 2 that I recently started, talks about the Agricultural Revolution and how we began to settle down in one place and create villages. We went from hunting and gathering to farming. The author backs up his claims with evidence and facts. The author talked about how Homo Sapiens was a big reason for the extinction of many species. Then he went into detail about how this makes sense and is correct. He talked about how the animals in that area decreased rapidly whenever Homo Sapiens moved to the new land. The author uses evidence of fossils to prove his point. Overall this is a great book, and I would recommend that you read it if you want to learn about the past, future, and about us humans.

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