San Miguel de Allende Plaza by Nico

February 10, 2021


San Miguel de Allende Plaza

San Miguel de Allende Plaza [México]

As you walk
your feet thud on the stone
birds sing in the trees,
you won’t feel alone

Music blasts from mariachi bands 
children run around holding hands
the sun blares, you wave your paper fan
your breakfast crackles on a frying pan 

The cathedral towers above you,
it reflects in the sun
the buildings around you
colorful and bright,
the plaza glimmers, 
even at night

The hedges in the center are a maze,
tall and mysterious
they twist and turn 
making pathways that are
lined with ferns

The plaza is the centerpiece in San Miguel
the cathedral bell chimes every hour,
reminding you of the time that you leave behind while you’re there
it reminds you that you are living in the moment
but you don’t care,
because you know you love it there.

I was inspired by “A Love Letter to Philadelphia,” by Yolanda Wisher.