Safety Pins by Christy

April 10, 2017


Safety Pins

My first thought after reading about this safety pin idea was: “Wow it’s nice to see a group of people coming together and trying to show others that they support them.” This thought quickly vanished when I remembered what America I live in. The America that constantly lets minorities down, lets those with money get away with anything and feels as though a simple sorry will heal decades of pain and suffering.

We live in a country where the closest weapon you have to a gun is your voice, and if you choose to wear some fragile piece of metal instead of speaking up and making a change, then you aren’t doing much.

I’m sorry, but safety pins aren’t going to help. As much as we’d all like to believe a safety pin on your jean jacket will make every oppressed person feel safe, It won’t.

In the real world, people are nasty and unkind. Believing in this safety pin idea will get you about as far as Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad. Wearing a pin might make you feel like a better person, but sadly it doesn’t help anybody else. People still get harassed, and none of that will change unless you stand up and shut down bigots left and right.

Wear whatever you want, but please don’t stop there. If you see something that you wouldn’t want your loved ones to put up with, then SAY/DO SOMETHING!

In my opinion, the safety pin idea was sweet. Sweet doesn’t end oppression and discrimination; it just gives you a reason to feel good about yourself.