Sad things in life by Jenifer

October 9, 2019


Sad things in life

So far, the characters in El Aprendiz de Espectro it reminds me of something happened to a cousin. In the book he talks about a young man. That young man had to leave his house for certain reasons. He went to work with a spectrum. Then they left and climbed a hill called El Ahorcado. The specter told him to stare at a direction like that, then he obeyed and began to look at a soldier who was already dead. Then the spectrum told him that he was afraid, and the young man said yes and a lot. The specter told him to stop thinking about it so much and to better worry about the soldier. Then he started what the spectrum told him. The specter returned to questions that he still had. He replied that it was not so much that it was sadder now. The spectrum asked what? He replied that because he cannot even imagine the pain his family feels when they found out that he had died, and also the pain he felt when he realized that he was never going to see his family. This is something that happened to me only that it was a disappearance of some uncles. One day my uncles go to Uruapan, Michoacan for a car they bought. But during the trip, they disappeared and nobody knows who he was. Although they imagine the person who could send them to kidnap.