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On February 21-24 0f 2022, Vladimir Putin of Russia began an invasion into Ukraine. After weeks of suspicious activity and build up of tension, the Ukrainian people are trapped in a nightmare. An article by Britanica states, “By February 2022 Western defense analysts estimated that as many as 190,000 Russian troops were encircling Ukraine and warned that a Russian incursion was imminent.” highlighting the pressure that the people of Ukraine were under before the war started. This feud has stirred up worldwide controversy on whether or not any countries should step up and help Ukraine. Although many countries were able to send money, no country would send troops and risk involvement. Russia’s army outnumbers Ukraine’s by a long shot, but Ukraine is fighting harder than anyone expected. In the second article the author writes, “Ukrainian troops have won a major victory against Russia, taking control of the western Kherson region, including Kherson city.” showing Ukraine’s small victories. I feel significance in this event because it shows how divided the people of our world truly are. Historically, Ukraine and Russia are of the same people and should not be at war. I believe that people should avoid bringing ego into world problems. Especially when the result is a devastating and grueling war. I hate to see the lack of attention this matter now receives. It seems as if the press has “exhausted” this devastating event, and now I hardly hear anyone talking about it. The truth is that the war is still very much happening and people’s lives are still at stake.

Article 1 AI Response

On February 21, 2022, Putin responded by recognizing the independence of the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Putin ordered Russian troops into Ukrainian territory as “peacekeepers,” and Russian military activity in the Donbas—ongoing since 2014 but consistently disavowed by the Kremlin—at last became overt. Western leaders, pledging solidarity with Ukraine, responded by levying a raft of sanctions against Russian financial institutions. In the early hours of February 24, Zelensky addressed the Russian people directly, delivering an impassioned plea for peace but vowing that Ukraine would defend itself. Later that day, at about 6:00 AM Moscow time, Putin took to the airwaves to announce the beginning of a “special military operation.” Within minutes explosions were heard in major cities across Ukraine, and air raid sirens began to sound in Kyiv. Around the world, leaders condemned the unprovoked attack and promised swift and severe sanctions against Russia. Zelensky declared martial law and called for a general mobilization of Ukraine’s military-age population. The Russian invasion of Ukraine sparked a crisis in the region and a wave of outrage from the international community. The United Nations Security Council condemned the action and imposed economic sanctions on Russia, while NATO and the European Union declared their support for Ukraine and pledged to defend its sovereignty. Meanwhile, the United States and its European

Article 2 AI Response

Ukrainian troops have won a major victory against Russia, taking control of the western Kherson region, including Kherson city.

The latest Ukrainian advance came after months of successful attacks on Russian positions on the west side of the Dnipro River, aimed at disrupting Russian supply lines.

Ukrainian targets included bridges across the river, as well as the roads, pontoons, barges and landing areas.

Ukraine’s success in Kherson resulted “in large part from the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ (UAF’s) innovative use of the US-provided Himars precision rocket system”, according to Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Multiple precision strikes using Himars made Russian positions on the west side of the river impossible to resupply.

Also in the south, Russia has continued air, missile and artillery strikes in recent days, with targets including Zaporizhzhia City.Ukraine says it has also struck Russian positions in Zaporizhzhia region.Russian forces are forcibly mobilising men in Melitopol and Zaporizhzhia, and forcing them to construct trenches and other defences, according to the ISW. The Ukrainian victory in the Kherson region is a major success for the country and a significant setback for Russia. It shows the effectiveness of Ukraine’s military capabilities, and provides a boost to Ukraine’s morale and its international reputation. Ukraine’s success also highlights the effectiveness of the US-supplied Himars precision rocket system”, according to Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Response Questions

  1. What biases seem evident is what is and isn’t in the AI summary?
    • This is a very informational prompt, thus, any bias is hard to detect when it comes to the AI generation.
  2. What do I notice about my own viewpoint after comparing it to the AI summary?
    • I noticed that I was far more biased against Russia in my writing because I am not a robot.
  3. What questions do I have about the original articles?
    • I don’t have any questions about the articles besides what bias the authors have if any.
  4. What questions for further research do I have about the issues raised by these articles?
    • The only other questions I have regard why the press stopped giving constant updates.

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