Statement by President Obama, Rose Garden, November 9, 2016
The day after the election of Donald J. Trump, Barak Obama said: “I have instructed my team to… work as hard as we can to make sure that this is a successful transition for the President-elect — because we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country.”  The Press Office 2016/11/09
Do you agree with Obama? Should we be rooting for Trump’s success?

Should we be rooting for Trump's success? (Tags: ProTrump, ConTrump)


The issue is based on the fact that immigrants are being blocked from entering the country by a border wall. These people trying to cross over the Mexican border are trying to search for a better/safer place to live. Trump has accused Mexicans of being rapists, drug dealers, and are criminals. He is trying to build a more reinforced wall […]

Mental health and gun violence

Following the Parkland shooting, the President of the United States claimed that the mental health contirbuted to the mass number of shootings, which has prompted many discussions on how mental health and these shootings are correlated. The lack of action concerning mental health is frankly disturbing, and as we continue to have this conversation we need to consider the problem […]

“Legal Good, Illegal Bad”

Recently in the news, we have seen a lot about the arguments between parties and members in the same party about the ending or the keeping of DACA. The most recent government shutdown that lasted about 2 days in January was caused by the disagreement of parties on the pressing subject. Trump and the Republican party compromised with the Democratic […]

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