Nowadays in a world of globalization, it is normal to have almost every product in the market in a extravagant and awesome packages, which make shoppers buy based on how food is showed in the packet, rather than its nutritional properties and the amount of sugar in it. Companies also trick shoppers through packages and catch up phrases, making them consume more and making them think their products are healthy, low in sugar and high in protein. All of this can cause people to not have the proper nutrition they need. In fact, this is the principal cause of obesity and overweight. Should we be more concern about the food we eat and how much we eat?

Should we be more concern about the food we eat and how much we eat? (tag: saynotounhealthyfood)

Esquisitas pupusas

Hasta ahora sobre lo que eh leido de las agriculturas  salvadoreñas es que las pupusas es una tortilla de maíz rellena con queso frijoles lo rocas etcétera como tu la desees este  es el plato nacional del salvador este plato es  el más conocido en todos los países centroamericanos. En exquisitas pupusas me recuerda algo que  el salvador las pupusas […]

Some Interesting Places In Jackson Heights

My name is May. I’m from Burma. I lived in Woodside Ave near Jackson Heights. It has many traditional food shops and stores. Also have many 99$. And then near the subway station and bus stop. Jackson Heights Station has many trains R, M, E, F and 7 train. We can go easily to go to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Flushing and […]

The Newest Scratch Project: “The Battle For The County Fair”

In my scratch animation, the protagonist, The Cheese Man, and the antagonist, The Bread Man, both compete in a county fair. The judge of that fair is the governor, who is a pig. The Cupcake Man also plays an important role in my animation because he is The Bread Man’s sidekick. In the first scene of my animation, the governor […]

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