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The issue of using the death penalty for criminals in the U.S. is a highly debated topic.
On one side, you have the people who want it to be illegal and abolish the death penalty altogether. One of this side’s biggest arguments is that many innocent people end up wrongly executed. They also argue that it is very expensive to put criminals on death row. Another popular argument is that using the death penalty is a form of revenge. Killing someone for killing others continues the use of violence, and it is unconstitutional.
However, there is another side who argue that the death penalty should and needs to be used. One of their biggest arguments is that the death penalty can stop potential criminals from committing crimes. Another strong argument is that the death penalty is just used for crimes that were committed against the right to life and freedom of victims. They argue that it is only fair to bring them to justice in this way. Finally, they too argue that it is cheaper to use the death penalty.
Both sides have valid points, and this will likely continue to be a hot-button topic for a long time.

Should the death penalty be used in the United States? (Tag: deathpenalty)

The Death Penalty

Of the many major social issues in today’s world, one of the biggest issues is the death penalty. I feel strongly about this issue, and I would argue that the death penalty needs to be abolished. The death penalty’s use is mostly due to an “eye for an eye” desire for revenge. To me, it isn’t fair that governments have […]

The death penalty and when it is appropriate.

A few hundred years ago, all around the world, the penal system was absolutely. People would be sentenced to death for even the most petty of crimes and nothing would be thought of it. Public executions would be held as a form of entertainment, and average citizens could occasionally participate in the killings themselves. However, our society as a whole […]

Capital Punishment

“The death penalty in America is a broken process from start to finish. Death sentences are predicted not by the heinousness of the crime but by the poor quality of the defense lawyers, the race of the accused or the victim, and the county and state in which the crime occurred.”  Capital Punishment is a huge issue even today being […]

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