For my modern version of Romeo and Juliet I rewrote a scene as a song. I wanted my song to show the love Romeo and Juliet had and at the same time show how love can cause death. My theme was originally “history causes war” but I thought about it and I realized that history does not always cause war. So I changed my theme to something that occurred in my life not so long ago but had huge impact in my life. Love is a very strong word, it’s hard to understand. But when you experience it with someone you grew up with it’s powerful and it’s life changing. On February, 24 2016 I lost the guy I loved. He was charming and sweet and the only man that I trusted, but like all the man in my life he had to leave me. I grew up with him, we used to be neighbors but when I started 6th grade and moved houses I lost touch with him. In 6th grade I found him on instagram and a few weeks later we went out for ice cream. I could remember like if it was just yesterday, we went to Bi-Rite Creamery it’s a small ice cream shop in San Francisco. We talked and talked until it got late and we needed to come back home. During this time I was going through a lot with my family and he was there and he was the only one that cared. I couldn’t talk to anyone the way I talked to him, I opened up to him about my sister. My sister was arrested when I was in 6th grade and during that time I lost my school best friend too, so I was slowly losing the people I cared the most about. So that led me to a sort of depression phase and I started to hurt myself, and when he found out what I was doing he went crazy and said a million reasons why I shouldn’t do it. Someone should have told Romeo not to kill himself, I can relate to Romeo and Juliet because Romeo saw Juliet dead even though she wasn’t really dead but the feeling of loosing someone you love and knowing you couldn’t do nothing about, it sucks. I can also relate to Juliet because at one point they both lost each other and once they are gone you can’t bring them back. Romeo and Juliet make me think about my life and how loving someone can affect your actions and make you feel like you have no more control of your life.

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