My Romeo & Juliet Recreation: Gangs cause violence but can we make a change : Spoken Word / poem

Is it too late too change? That’s the question that keep running through my brain

Two gangs do you think this a game

People dying families crying and we don’t know who to blame

All from a ancient grudge people getting shot from gun to gun

Gunpowder and blood mixing this my life. live in oakland

My life has always been a struggle growing up has always been a hustle

Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover

My family always felt pain but ain’t never blamed

Anything my family went through I went through

All this acting and all these complaints don’t you know that we can’t blame or be blamed

All oakland residents being put to shame

The two gangs are going to be blamed

Everyone isn’t the same they aren’t gonna say a name

Police are searching and others are hurting

In a gang there a things that you have to commit too

Sometime you don’t realize what you have to do

Do you wonder why?

Do you ever wonder all the pain you’re putting others through

Both sides don’t like each other but what will happen if one from each side do

Do you kill them to? Or would you pull them through

Everyone has background and you may not know it

Some people take it differently than others they probably don’t wanna show it

Don’t force them to show it it

If you’re a real friend help them through it

Putting a life of someone else’s in your hands is ruff

But don’t doubt them help them up

I wanna make a change I can do anything I put my mind too

Do you wanna make a change and change your city

Our population is getting smaller

Help the your city change and give it a better reputation and name

Make our city grown taller don’t hate appreciate your life cause there’s people that live just too fight

Spoken Word Artist Statement

By Nakiah Landerth


In my spoken word / poem I am going to talk about gangs and violence and how it connects to oakland today 2017. In this spoken word it talks about gangs and when you’re in a gang there’s things you have to do. This spoken word is going to connect to Romeo & Juliet through the gangs and the violence that comes with it. In Romeo and Juliet a lot of main characters die because of  violence but two die of love. This spoken word can also show love because throughout the poem I’m mostly talking about how I want to change my home town oakland.  After this spoken word their is a cast list and in this cast list I have all the cast members from Romeo and Juliet  . On the other side of the cast list I have my own cast list. In my cast list I have used my family. I used my Family because my auntie and her boyfriend are close but my family don’t agree with the relationship so they are at ¨ WAR¨. I had a choice to do one or  two options and I did because I felt like it would make more sense to have cast members that go with my poem.

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