The empty heads of us


I was always trapped in a cage

Unable to breathe and unable to get out

I always heard the things that people would say

But did they mean it

Well I wonder too


These criticisms and judgements has gone too far

You would never realize what you have done until things have gone wrong

No one is going to tell you if it’s wrong or right

But realize are they still by your side

Do they still support you


The choices you make are your choices

No one made them for you

Know what’s good and what’s bad

At the end of the day those were the decisions you made


There are things that you would regret in life

But you would never be able to go back to them

So accept the fact that the things you did in the past are never go to change


People that you hurt aren’t always going to forgive you

Pain is pain it takes time to heal

What you say and do can mean differently to everyone

And you can’t always take that back


This world is full of war

But when is someone going to stop all of this

We won’t know


So be the change

Make a difference

Be a role model


Don’t be scared to change what you think is wrong

Step up

Use your voice

Your powerful

The world needs you


Artist Statement

For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I decided to write a poem that somehow connects back the story of Romeo and Juliet. The empty head of us my poem it talked about this group of people in society which connects back to Romeo and Juliet it was the Capulet and the Montague families. Family doesn’t alway realize what’s trapped inside of your brain. In my poem I have wrote in line 6 to 10 it talks about how someone might not be there for you anymore because of the choices you make. Well in Romeo and Juliet when both Romeo and Juliet wanted to be together but their parents didn’t want them together. Which made them unable to express themselves and make good decisions for themselves and each other. In this poem I wanted to connect back to the world to now in 2017 how we different color people choose to make decisions and the actions that we make. We don’t always think about what can cause the world from the things we do. My poem also connects back to how Romeo Is Bleeding because of the violence that happened in the neighborhood and things weren’t always the way it was because the choices that people have made. But both Romeo and Juliet and Romeo Is Bleeding they both had a ending of a hidden message that wanted to make a change.


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