Romeo and Juliet Passage Recording by Billy

April 24, 2018


Romeo and Juliet Passage Recording

I decided to read a short monologue done by Romeo in Act 1, Scene 1, and line 176 of Romeo and Juliet. The experience itself did teach me a lot though, as it showed me that there are a bunch of different of factors that go into the performance itself. For example, I had to change both my volume and inflection at certain points for emotional effect, which isn’t something that you typically think about when listening or watching Shakespeare’s plays as many of the actors convey it so well. In addition to this,  my tone and pacing themselves were necessary to be somewhat somber and slower, which displayed that Romeo was sad to an extent during my particular scene, but not so much so that he was willing to give in fully to his emotions. Though I didn’t initially sense this when I went through my first two trial recordings, Romeo is bordering on going into a monologue from the scene that he sees before him, and he is sad that there was no other way to go about the situation.