Romeo and Juliet , love in Oakland by Alison

December 6, 2017


Romeo and Juliet , love in Oakland





Loving You Today


Romeo and Juliet

You see

There can’t be love

Without war

And war

Without love

You see it

I see it

We all see it

Why deny the truth?

In a world full of pain

Because you can’t stay in your lane

In a world full of hate

Because you can’t be with your soulmate

You see it now?

We are diverse

But do you really care?







We all love.

So why hate

At the end of the day

Let me say

Love is what brought you here in the first place

And what is keeping you alive

To this day.

Heaven help us

We’re not on our own

Not until we realize

And we truly feel ashamed

Of what we became

We will start healing

Yes I said Romeo and Juliet

And you understand

That this is not just a fairytale

This is us

Our lives today



Artist statement

In this poem I decided to share out how in modern day today we don’t only discriminate by class but by race, gender and so many other things. Love is love no matter skin color, class, gender, sexuality. In Romeo and Juliet their love can’t be because of a grudge that separates them. Today is no different , if we want to believe it or not it’s still a fact. There are so many “boundaries” we as humans are forced to live by, by our families. Some examples are “don’t date out of your race or just don’t date a race “ uglier” than the one you are” because it would be ruining the family name. There are so many things that love has to overcome in order to be. I add in my poem “ Not until we realize And we truly feel ashamed of what we became we will start healing”. In this line I was aiming to truly emphasize that not until we realize we are doing wrong we will start to break down these walls we have made ourselves separating our love. Love is something we all feel and let me tell you it’s normal, we all feel it. Its meant to be embraced and not shattered and broken like a glass window. We all love, let us love.