Romeo John
Juliet Guadalupe
Montagues White Supremacists
Capulets illegal immigrants
Nurse Juanita
Friar Lawrence Fred
Tybalt (Capulet) Jesus
Mercutio (Montague) Jason
Benvolio (Montague) Mat
Prince USA president
Verona, summertime, 1597 Charlottesville, Virginia , winter break, 2017  
Fight between Montagues and Capulets White Supremacists protest against illegal immigrants
Prince warning USA president says to stop these violent protests or both White Supremacists and illegal immigrants go to jail
Romeo attends Capulet party without invitation John goes to a Mexican party at Guadalupe’s house
Romeo sees Juliet and falls in love with her John sees Guadalupe and falls in love with her
The nurse finds out about Romeo and Juliet Juanita finds out John and Guadalupe
Friar Lawrence marries Romeo and Juliet   Fred marries John and Guadalupe without anyone knowing
Tybalt kills Mercutio Jesus kills Jason
Romeo kills Tybalt for killing Mercutio John kills Jesus for killing Jason
Montagues and Capulets find out that Romeo and Juliet are married White Supremacists and illegal immigrants find out that John and Guadalupe are married  
Feud between both Montagues and Capulets end Both White Supremacists and illegal immigrants get along and there is no hatred towards each other


Artist Statement

       Jennifer Sanchez


In my project I decided do a cast list and scenes to represent how Romeo and Juliet connects to 2017 today. Two groups are going to be against each other so I decided to do White Supremacist and illegal immigrants. I decided to do these two different groups because recently we have been hearing about White Supremacist in the USA. Also I come from an immigrant family so I picked illegal immigrants as one of groups. This ancient grudge between both all takes place at Charlottesville, Virginia during the summertime. John falls in love with Guadalupe at first sight but can’t seen together because John’s family is totally against illegal immigrants. Also Guadalupe’s family is against racism and groups that cause violence. They hope that being together can stop the hatred between both groups and stop the violent protests between each other. John and Guadalupe were right they did ended their grudge. John and Guadalupe end up married and have a happy life together.                        

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