Act 2. Scene 6

By: Erika Romero


2.6 Juan meets Bella at City Hall. After expressing their love to each other,  they are finally married.

[Scene 6]


Enter Court [Judge] and Juan


    Aren’t you going to be happy that in a few minutes you would be married to your beloved girlfriend.


     Yes Yes. But I can’t wait to share my joy with her,

     The minutes pass by and I can’t wait to see her be mine.

      I’m able to share my life with her, until death do us apart.


                   This marriage is illegal but it can end badly

                    Hopefully when you kiss your bride everything will change


Enters Bella

                   Here comes Bella the lovely bride

                   Ready to get married to the groom


                  Good Afternoon judge


                 Thank you both for being here


                    You’re welcome I’m so glad that Juan is also here


                  I’m so happy you’re here, Bella.

       I hope your joyful as I am, you bring sweetness to the air

       I hope that we can live together forever and live happily ever after


       I’m happy to be here to be married to my beloved groom.

       And to live happily ever after too


  By the act of God both of you guys will be married

  Come come, let me marry you two love birds quickly

[They exit]



Artist Statement

Erika Romero


For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I decided to rewrite one of the scenes of Romeo and Juliet to represent what’s going on now in 2017. I picked Act 2.Sc.6 to explain a little bit more about what happened in this scene. Romeo and Juliet finally get married but both families don’t know they are getting married secretly. The modern version I wrote I changed the characters to Juan and Bella two lovers that fell in “love at first sight.” Their families don’t get along but they won’t be separated no matter what. In this scene it’s where they get married at a City Hall at Lake Merritt instead of having a ceremony and a priest. This version is where they get married by a judge at a court. Both families don’t know that they are getting married because they don’t want no more fights between them but, the judge believes that if Juan and Bella get married their families would get along and get to learn how to love each other. Also in my modern version the reason there is hate between both the families is because of race. Juan is a Latino boy born in Mexico and Bella is an American person born in United States of America.

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