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My Name is LaDaysha and currently a sophomore at Oakland Unity High school.In my English class we have been discussing the topic of robots and what will happen if robots take over in the future.So what if robots took over the world in the future and we could do nothing to stop it.Looking at today we can say that the world would become more advanced thanks to technology.But today we don’t know how to define the term robots because they are just new designs and technology being used to do human task and jobs more better.But ask the years go on we have seen that many jobs start to rely on computers and more machines.As the technology grows more machines are starting to get clever and what if in the future tech takes over and there is less and less jobs for people.For example people are able to build cars,drive them and are able to get work in retail and banking,but if you look now robots are able to do the same things we do now.These machines are able to do a blot of human task but the one thing they can’t do is have feelings and compassion for others like us humans.But the question now is when will it stop,will robots take over and replace humans and their jobs.For example according to the article tittle “Better Than Human:Why Robots Will-and Must-Take Our Jobs”written by Kevin Kelly states …Every time you click on the search button you are employing a robot to do something we as a species are unable to do alone…We aren’t giving”good jobs” to robots.Most of the time we are giving them jobs we could never do.Without them,these jobs would remain undone.Needless to say the transformation of employment is affecting sizes of workplaces,jobs,and production of work factories.With robots and machines making advancement what would be left for us to do.Robots in the future will start an uprising and tried to take over the world and what are we going to do to stop them.Nothing!! because robots are getting more advanced and clever ever day.For example according to the Film “I Robot” written by Alex Proyas it shows how robots are helping out humans by running errands and making food but toward the end of the film the robots started a rebellion against the humans because the superhuman advanced computer thought robots were the new generation of super smarter more advanced humans.How can we stop  a robot invasion from happening in the future?.

Kelly, Kevin. “Better Than Human: Why Robots Will – And Must – Take Our Jobs.” Wired, Conde Nast, 24 Dec. 2012,

“I, Robot.” 20th Century Fox, 2004.


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