robot photoHello, my name is Cruz Armenta and we are currently reading in English class about robots technology and future possibilities. About how if, robots will end up taking over the world or not and about their artificial intelligence. Well I think if humans keep making the robots, no matter if they make them to follow rules and teach them to be respectful, they will end up to have too much power and will turn over. They will even take over their own makers because through out time they will keep developing until we can’t control them and will take the world into their own hands.

We read in total of nine stories and one movie to be able to understand the topic of robots very well and be able to decide our opinion. For example, in the article “Better Than Human: Why Robots Will- And Must- Take Our Jobs” by Kevin Kelly, he said, “After robots finish replacing assembly line workers, they will replace the workers in warehouses. Jobs human can do but robots can do even better. The robot take over will be epic.” This means they will eventually take over because our state always wants faster and better products for more money. It will give them more money because human citizens always like things done with efficiency and as fast as possible (the faster the better). A second example is from the movie “I Robot” by Will Smith, which showed how no one wanted to believe him about robots being bad because everyone was blindfolded of how much they liked them robots and at the end of the movie all robots went red (bad) against everyone in the world and he and a girl and a special robot who could dream and had self conscious, thought like a human, saved the world. This means humans won’t see the truth until they see a robot do something bad because they trust way too much robots and at the end if they don’t see it in time robots will turn up to even turning around on their own owners.

I believe that they should stop making robots and the ones that where already made, to be destroyed. Robots aren’t able to feel emotion, they are simply made of some wires, so it is ok to destroy them (it won’t hurt them). What do you think? I believe humans are better because they are the ones who make the robots. Basically the ones who gave their intelligence up to another machine to start off with then develop. Human beings are also going to develop in the future so I don’t see why to keep and make any robots. We humans we have better sense of humor (mentality) and thinking.

Photos by Oregon State University,

Photos by Oregon State University,

Photos by Oregon State University,

Photos by Oregon State University,

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