At the moment we are in a pandemic with Coronavirus and with coming into summer the virus is supposed to die down and people can start returning to the regular activities and one of them is sports. economically Sports is a very big financial gain because it generates lots of revenue by selling merchandise, tickets, and other things. But many people are skeptical to return to sports because it travels from person to person very quickly and if you get the players sick then another quarantine will happen and there will have to be another breakthrough sports for a little bit. So the real question is do we risk people possibly getting COVID-19 while practicing and playing games or do we wait for COVID-19 to decrease tremendously and wait for a vaccine to come out so we can see people return to sports and ourselves not harming other people while watching them.

 There are many questions surrounding this such as many people depend on the revenue generated by sporting events such as managers players and other assets to the team that aren’t major rules but need revenue to keep afloat. An article by Reuters states that since the athletes are working so hard and taking in so much air that if one player possibly has corona they would spread it to many people because their lungs are taking in so much air and spreading it with many droplets on surfaces. But they said also that we need to start immersing people into sport slowly so that they built up an immunity to the virus and have some antibodies to fight against it. many NBA teams are contemplating going back to playing in practicing due to this. So they have a limit on four individual players per practice facility so they can start getting back into the groove of playing. But some other teams are waiting for more research to come out surrounding COVID so that they can ensure the health of their players and other staff. 

There are many issues surrounding this economically and with our Health crisis going around affects people physically. so everybody’s best interest that’s what people need to decide if they want to go through with this and want can get back into normal life but I need to weigh the risks to the rewards so that people can understand what will happen if this does go through.

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May 13, 2020 4:54 pm

Louis, I completely agree with you saying that the risk and rewards need to be understood and maybe balanced to make a final decision. This virus has put so many people into difficult situations, and has even taken a large shot at our economy. I think sports is more than just an economic boost and entertainment, it is something that brings lives together. It grows communities, and it is crazy to see how much sports mean to this nation since they are now gone. Let’s just talk about basketball, I think that there needs to be a guarantee that each player doesn’t have any symptoms or the virus. I think it would suck, but maybe games being played without fans, or limited fans would be the next move. This is an article from the NYTIMES that asks major questions, and has many answers that you may like: I agree with your statement that by starting to slowly proceed into sports may “build up an immunity,” and I think that is a very important point. I just think the NBA needs to slowly finish their season, where it is safe for the players, fans, and all organizations. If this occurs, it may not be exactly the same, but it shows that we may be getting closer again to the “normal” life we need. I loved to read about this topic, and I can’t wait until you make your stance and declare your opinion in what you think are the best moves to make going forward. Stay safe!

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