Recently, I read Warriors Into The Wild by Erin Hunter.  I appreciated this book. I felt that way because I felt like it took the natural instincts of cats and used them to create a good series.

The protagonist is Rusty (Boy). The story is set in a modern area, specifically in a forest. The significance of the forest setting is that the cats live there and it’s their home. The significance of the setting shifting from a human house to the forest is that in the house, rusty only could be a pet of a human while when he went to the forest he became part of a clan and did something he found much more enjoyable than being a house cat.

Rusty faces certain forces and pressures. Since Rusty was a house pet, he has to gain the trust of the clan so they can see him as a loyal member. He meets these forces and pressures by deciding to leave his home to live with the clan. You can see this early around chapter #1 Pg #16.

The tension rises when Rusty waa brought into the clan because every cat there can smell that he was not like them. This might leave a reader feeling excited or interested. The readers may feel that way because this is a new concept and also that our protagonist is different from the other characters will make it more exciting.

The Story climaxes when BrokenStar, a leader of another clan, attacks the clan rusty and steals two kits. “He was stopped in his tracks by a yowl of horror coming from the nursery. Frostfur came sprinting into the clearing, her tail bristling and her eyes wide with alarm. “My kits! Someone has taken my kits!”

Tigerclaw bounded over to her. He called to the Clan, “Quick, search the camp! Whitestorm, stay where you are. Warriors, patrol the camp boundary. Apprentices, search every den!”

The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict. They attack the shadow clan and defeat BrokenStar since his clan really didn’t like the way he did things, so they won the battle and rescued the stolen kits. It’s a person v person because brokenstar was the antagonist and rusty was the one who first went to shadow clan knowing brokenstar was the stealer and that once he joined the clans , Brokenstar lost at the end of the book.

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