People should have the right to do anything they want as long as it does not affect anyone in a bad way. People should also be able to live happy lives with their own choices and no one else’s. An example of a time that this was starting was during the Reconstruction period. This idea was demonstrated when African-Americans were freed and were able to have their own land and work with others for some money or clothes and food, which was not the usual thing that African-Americans at the time were able to do. This example proves that people should have the right to make their lives happier and get paid for the hard work that they do like every other person and this right should never be taken away for any reason at all. Similarly, events in modern times illustrate that people should be able to make themselves happy by working hard, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else in a negative way because some immigrants are getting some more rights than they had before since new laws are being passed. This is a very important because these people are not being treated fairly and deserve at least a chance to be happy because our country tries to take it away from them. In recent history, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 took away welfare from immigrants, but that same year the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act was adopted and gave immigrants welfare again but only for immigrants who had entered the country before August 22, 1996. This event shows that in today’s time we are still struggling to be the true “free” since people like to take away the rights of others so they can be more superior over others and that their still are others who are fighting for those rights that people deserve. These events share many commonalities because they show how many people are fighting to get their rights and that people do deserve rights just like any other person and show that everyone deserves the right to be happy as long as they are not affecting anyone else in a negative way. In conclusion there have been times where people in history had to fight for their rights and sometimes those rights were given and sometimes those rights were not. People before, did not have as much rights as today but it only shows that we are making progress to get everyone the rights that they deserves as human beings and not only as citizens. I feel that people should know about these type of things not only because it is currently happening in today’s world but also because people should at least start the process of getting rid of any race’s superiority and start on equality for all people no matter what race. Everyone should have the same amount of rights as others and no one should be over anyone else. Therefore, I believe that everyone was created equal, meaning no one should have more rights or less rights than anyone else.

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December 12, 2017 11:59 pm

Hi Geovany,
I really liked your ideas on equality in America. I found it interesting how you gave the reason and throughly explained why you believe each of your statements what true, which makes for a convincing argument. I would like to hear more about your opinion of women rights pertaining to equality since women do not have the same rights as men today, just as African Americans or other minorities do not. This is not so much a legal issue as a societies views issue to me. Women and minorities are often not hired for jobs because of this one simple fact. I’d love to to hear more about your standpoint on these issues after you read this article.

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