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Restraining order effectiveness has been questioned over the years, as love disputed end tragically for women who felt protected by restraining orders. In the USA, women often meet violent, tragic ends after a relationship falls through.

Women get restraining orders to make themselves feel safe, knowing that the ex-lover is not allowed near them. However, this is a disadvantage, as the restraining orders do not directly help, but rather offer a placebo of sorts. The current solution is to require those who have restraining orders to wear a GPS tracker, so when they enter the area of a victim, the police are alerted preemptively.

People may see this as a blatant invasion of privacy, which is a valid point. However, the GPS trackers that have been used do not record video or audio, and can only broadcast the location of the perpetrator. Having a way for police officers to be automatically alerted to the problem when a person enters a zone where their restraining order covers allows for an immediate, preemptive response.

This solution offers a promising secure future to those who need to keep people out of their lives. This solution is not extremely expensive, as a computer can track multiple people’s locations without much difficulty, and the cost is not extreme either. I wholeheartedly believe that something like this can work in my community, as having a way to enforce restraining orders when needed.



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  1. Yara 4 weeks ago

    I agree that restraining orders don’t work how they were intended to be. However, do you think that maybe a gps tracker would be an invasion of privacy for the perpetrator. While yes there needs to be solution to this issue, I just don’t know if this is it.

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