Let’s explore the truth that Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world. This misunderstanding is caused because people do not know the true meaning of the religion and what Muslims actually stand for. We can construct informative and argumentative essays in order to spread the truth and argue against the misunderstandings of the religion of Islam.

Why is Islam the most misunderstood religion in the world? (Tag: Islam)

Where I’m from

I am from Land O Lakes butter.I am from a small playground with backyard sprinklers.I’m from rice and hotdogs and salad from Ervina, Mervan, and Amer I’m from the clean freaks and slouchers.from family jokes. I’m from “slusaj me idi uradi”Hung up in my room are my Islam prayer beads. Print this page. Author Amra

Pilgrimage to Mecca During COVID-19

On July 28 2020, the annual Muslin pilgrimage known as the Hajj officially began. Except, during a global pandemic, the event had quite a few restrictions and safety measures in place to ensure that this holy time for Muslims did not evolve into a super-spreader for COVID-19. However, the decision to open Mecca to the public was hotly contested and […]

Why do we have different religions?

I think that people have different religions because in their countries they have different beliefs and different gods and they think that all religions are different, but it is not like that, they are all one, but in their religions they have different rules just like us, in schools. There are different people with different beliefs and religions, such as […]


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