Let’s explore the truth that Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world. This misunderstanding is caused because people do not know the true meaning of the religion and what Muslims actually stand for. We can construct informative and argumentative essays in order to spread the truth and argue against the misunderstandings of the religion of Islam.

Why is Islam the most misunderstood religion in the world? (Tag: Islam)

Discrimination against Muslims

My topic is concerning the discrimination against Muslims. Muslims are followers of Islam, and lately it has become a stereotype that Muslims are violent, and wish to attack the United States. With me being a Muslim myself, I can say Muslims are actually non-violent people that are discriminated against due to the 9/11 event. Before I researched my topic, I […]

Islamophobia: A Rising Problem

Islamophobia is a large issue in the United States. The term describes the prejudice that occurs against Muslims, a feeling that has been fueled by right-wing politicians and media outlets. I am passionate about this issue because I have Muslim family and friends, and I know that the anti-Islamic sentiment that many Americans have is wrong and unjust. I want […]

The Rise of Islamophobics

Around the world, more Muslims are being discriminated against as time passes. They are blamed for only a fraction of so-called “Muslim” doing evil deeds. Most Islamophobic people don’t seem to understand that not all Muslims are terrorists or even supports extremism. Not only are Muslims blamed for other’s actions they are now daily threatened to be killed or abused […]

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