Let’s explore the truth that discovers why people are addicted to brands. With resale markets on the rise, people are spending so much money on specific brands. This research project will discover why. What is it about brands that make them so powerful? I think it is to fit in or to be affiliated with a certain brand. Recently the resale value of the company Supreme has been on the rise. This is because the brand only makes items once. I think since the supply is so low it makes the demand more desireable.

Why are people addicted to brands? (Tag: brands)

Brand Addiction

ResearchProject Abstract: This research focuses on brand addiction. With the use of my research, I attempt to answer why people are addicted to brands. After attempting to answer what brand addiction is, my research focuses on one specific brand, and why the resale value of the brand is so high. While brand addiction is an attempt of feeling self-worth, the […]

Brand Addiction

As I continue the research process the Pioneer database has allowed me to learn more about my topic. One of the main ideas I seem to come across is the science behind social proof. An article I found defines social proof as “influence created when one discovers that others are doing something.” This seems to be what makes top brands […]

Brand Addiction

For my topic, using the Gale researcher was slightly difficult to find the articles I needed. However, I was able to find two where I was able to find some great information. For example, one article I found talks about Brands. Specifically, the history of brands and how they develop. They say that consumers do not pay for the product itself so […]

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