The most important thing for runners is keeping our bodies healthy and injury free. The biggest factor of injury prevention is the type of shoes you run in and when you should run in those shoes.
The most effective way to reduce our risk of injury, strengthen our feet, and maximize our runs is to switch between different types of shoes for different types of runs. Maximalist shoes are best for long distance runs or recovery runs with high mileage, whereas minimalist shoes are best for racing, tempo runs, and speed workouts.

Which running shoe is best for injury prevention: maximal or minimal running shoes? (Tag: running)

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The Running Shoe Debate: Maximalist vs. Minimalist (Abstract, Final Research Paper)

This research focuses on different types of running shoes. Many articles, experiments, and statistics were examined to determine whether maximalist or minimalist running shoes are better for preventing injury and maximizing your training. Many studies indicate that purely running in one type of running shoe increases your risk of injury and  does not maximize your training. Purely running in a […]

The Running Shoe Debate: Maximalist vs. Minimalist (Pioneer database research)

  My research question is, Which running shoe is best for injury prevention: maximal or minimal running shoes?   While searching the Pioneer database, I came across a few studies that were very interesting and helpful.     Suzanna Logan, Ian Hunter , J. Ty Hopkins, J. Brent Feland and Allen C. Parcell from BYU University published study that measured […]

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