This topic is significant for me (and probably others) because I want to buy a new mountain bike that is light while also strong enough to not have to be replaced due to a fracture. This also has an application on a larger scale, as most competitive cross country mountain bikers have transitioned to carbon fibre composite bicycles.

What material is best for mountain bike construction? (Tag: Engineering)

A Place Is But, A Place

The house down on the road, not perfect but a dream. This is home I was told, please try to keep it clean. Year after year I grew, Experiences shared. Each year something was new, Good or bad I had bared. The morning wind would blow, The breezes you could feel. The animals would show, Comfort to scars that heal. […]

I love Dope!

What’s your favorite word?   I’ve never really thought about this question but I guess “Dope” is my favorite word. A lot of people don’t even know what it is when I say it but that’s understandable because it has a lot of meanings. Its a slang word and i’m not even sure if it qualifies as a real word […]

Reflection on the Thailand Cave Rescue

A football team was stuck in a dark underground cave in Thailand. It is generally accepted that the coach’s experience with meditation helped him and the team to stay calm, sitting and waiting.  However, meditation may cause the football team to lose the opportunity to survive. When they were stuck in the cave, they did not know if or when […]

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