This topic is significant for me (and probably others) because I want to buy a new mountain bike that is light while also strong enough to not have to be replaced due to a fracture. This also has an application on a larger scale, as most competitive cross country mountain bikers have transitioned to carbon fibre composite bicycles.

What material is best for mountain bike construction? (Tag: Engineering)

An Election Like No Other

This year is a new year for people to vote in a presidential election. But due to this pandemic that is affecting everyone from voting in person, it might be a bit more different and overwhelming for everyone. The new way of voting this year is mostly going to be done via mail. For example, In different states, there are […]

Is the Future here?

In the article, “Are Driverless Cars a Good Idea?” I learned that there are many positive and negative features to the driverless cars. This new technology can help the people that aren’t able to get a ride, because either a disability or just because they aren’t old enough, get from place to place at ease. With driverless car, it can […]

Will a plastic straw ban actually be effective when it comes to saving our oceans and environment?

Plastic straws may help you drink without spilling, but the long-term costs are to high. Americans use 500 million drinking straws each day. When they are thrown away, they pollute our landfills and oceans. Marine animals sometimes mistake the plastic for food. There’s a viral video on YouTube that shows a turtle with a straw stuck up it’s nose! It’s […]

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