This topic is significant for me (and probably others) because I want to buy a new mountain bike that is light while also strong enough to not have to be replaced due to a fracture. This also has an application on a larger scale, as most competitive cross country mountain bikers have transitioned to carbon fibre composite bicycles.

What material is best for mountain bike construction? (Tag: Engineering)

Views of America

What is the meaning of being an American? Some would say that there are many views and values of America. A lot going around holidays, festivals, these are just some things that personally you base your life off. Getting into America and being free may be a main focus for some, but for me it’s the equality in a lot […]

Ronaldinho and Messi: Equally Magical?

So far, the central idea in the soccer star of the Lionel Messi reminds me of another player Ronaldinho. In other text Ronaldinho is one of the most magical  player in the world they have almost the similar type of game. When they have the ball they start dribbling and start destroying other players with the magical skill that they […]

We need to salve or trees

So far, the central idea in Afforestation of Trees reminds  me of the world because every time I tear a leaf out of my notebook, I remember cutting a tree was necessary to use this notebook. Also, when I start playing with pencils, I remember that a tree was cut to use this pencil. I also played with wooden chairs, […]

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