A health care system is a social construct that is very influenced by culture in all aspects; thus, to specifically address social nuances in a health care interaction, cultural differences have to be analyzed and understood. Ignorance of some of these social phenomena can cause medical services to be less effective, especially for immigrants.
Through a deep and detailed analysis of characteristics of a doctor-patient interaction, economic barriers, and different countries’ health care systems, we can begin to brainstorm ideas as to how we can address those different facets individually. This is very complex, and since it has to do more with social interaction than anything else, it is hard to quantify differences, which can be affected by outside factors. However, not only would education for health care providers about this topic be positive, but would help the American health care system as a whole.

What are different ways culture influences healthcare, and how can issues due to cultural differences be addressed? (Tag: healthcare)

Health Care: Why it is a Problem in the United States

Health Care. It is an industry that works on maintaining and improving the human health by providing medical services, manufacturing medical equipment and developing pharmaceutical. Unlike other industrialized nations, the United States’ health care falls behind these other nations for numerous reasons and therefore negatively impacts the citizens of the U.S. This issue is important to me because the point […]

So, what does Planned Parenthood actually do?

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that provides affordable reproductive health services. Planned Parenthood’s goal is “to provide trusted community health care, inform and educate the community, lead the reproductive health and rights movement, and advance global health.” They are publicly funded by both the government and also receive money from independent donors. This makes it possible for Planned Parenthood […]

Quality of Life & Healthcare

People tend to avoid change. Whether it is social, economic, or governmental, the human race favors what is familiar. When the affordable care act was enacted in 2010, like any new government plan, controversy and disagreement arose. Under The Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration proposed their new goal of insuring all individuals under their health insurance. For some, this […]

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