The human population is drastically increasing, calling on a demand for too much renewable and nonrenewable resources.  With the beginning of Trump’s presidency, the doomsday clock has been the closest it has been since 1954. This mission is a mission that no man has ever experienced before and will ask for the greatest sacrifice for the fate of the world. The mission will serve as an exploration for an alternate world or maybe our new world. Scientist hope to  start the process to colonize colonize the red planet. Scientist are seeing a trend with the increasing number of humans on the planet, along with relations between countries. We are too powerful for this world, we can destroy it with a click of button. Mars is needed if we want the human race to continue on for many years to come.

Is the Mars Mission a sign that life is soon to come to an end on Earth? (Tag: Mars)

Deadly Space Radiation

Radiation is everywhere! Lucky for us the Earth’s magnetic field protects people on the planet from this radiation by trapping the particles in radiation belts that surround the globe. These areas in space are called Van Allen belts and lie up to 36,000 miles from the Earth’s surface. In Earth’s orbit astronauts are protected but anything beyond they are at […]

Six Reasons We Should Build a Base on the Moon

After learning that NASA might have plans to go back to the moon under the Trump administration, I was inspired to get to the root of whether this would be a good idea. The past three presidents have changed the agenda of space travel three different times which has proved troublesome in terms of budgeting and efficiency because this occurs […]

Can We Colonize Mars?

The colonization of other stellar bodies would benefit the community of Earth indefinitely. In a world plagued by climate change and uncontrolled consumption of resources, being able to terraform and survive on another planet is necessary to guarantee humanity’s thriving, and destructive, nature. Although something of this magnitude would seem impossible, current technology already allows us to accomplish this immense […]

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