Hyperthymesia is a disorder that may help us understand how mental differences create talent as well as turmoil.
Hyperthymesia can be both beneficial and harmful to an individual.
Studying the advantages and drawbacks of hyperthymesia can help us better understand obsessive and subconscious thought processes as well as how memory works in general.

Is hyperthymesia beneficial or harmful to the individuals affected by it? (Tag: hyperthymesia)

Hyperthymesia Research Using Gale

After performing some research on the Alexandria Gale source, the first thing that struck me was how little research there actually is on the specific disorder of hyperthymesia. Mostly, I found resources about diseases like Alzheimer’s, and an experiment on remembering. One thing I noticed when reading the Alzheimer’s articles was that this form of degenerative memory loss is genetic. […]

If you could remember every single day of your life, would you want to?

After reading a Vice article about a documentary following a boy who can remember every single day of his life, I was captivated. The documentary is called The Boy Who Can’t Forget by Real Stories. It begins by introducing Aurelien, a twenty-two-year-old University student in Britain who can tell you what day of the week every single day of his life […]


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