2D animation is a platform in which many people are employed and many consumers enjoy consuming, and the death of it may put out a majority of animation jobs as well as wipe out an entire era of art in the future. Prior to popular belief, 2D animation is not dying and in fact will be well and alive throughout the future of entertainment. As animation enthusiasts or those of us who wish to keep 2D animation an available platform in which artists can express themselves in as well as keep the hype for 2D animation going so it will not fade as everyone expects it to.

Is 2D Animation Dying? (Tag: animation)

New Animation Based on Aesop’s “The Farmer And His Sons”

From the producer of “The Witch’s Dilemma” comes a brand-new animation… this time based on a fable! Presenting the adapted “The Farmer And His Sons”… My animation is based on a fable by Aesop. It is called “The Farmer And His Sons”. It is very interesting. Once upon a time, there was a farmer who owned a large estate. He […]


Pick a song; listen to it a million times; get a story going through your head; repeat. Practice walking; practice lighting; grab your character; make a good design; start over on it; don’t let it look similar to other characters from other animators; practice movement; practice hair movement; don’t make it look edgy; don’t be lazy on your work; practice scenery; […]

Is 2D Animation Disappearing?

Is 2D Animation disappearing from mainstream media? In 2013, Disney, a company that produced fantastical pieces such as Fantasia, Lion King, and, The Little Mermaid announced that none of their animation companies were working on traditional 2D animation and never plan on returning to it again. With the rise of a variety of successful 3D animation studios including Laika (who also […]

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