Partisan media like Fox News or The Guardian that blatantly show bias for one political viewpoint is causing a high division polarization of the American audience. There was once a time when media outlets were regulated to avoid partisanship but now those regulations have been lifted and the citizens face the repercussions of it. Partisan media leads to extreme close-mindedness and does not allow for a person to expand their knowledge on a topic and instead reiterates the ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ philosophy.

How Does Partisan Media Affect Polarization? (tag: media bias)

Media Bias: Letters to the Next President

An issue that needs to be fixed in our country is a biased Media. Recently the Media has been strongly based on opinion or has only given facts that will persuade the masses. Important facts are being left out of articles, this does not allow the reader to form their own opinion on the subject matter. This problem will be […]

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