The battle over public lands is one that will play a key role in what our lands are used for and how much say we have in the debate. Bears Ears is an excellent case study of how much of a say local communities will have on what their land will be used for and how much environmental protection the federal government grants. I hope to show both sides in a non biased manner and help show simple facts supporting the view of local communities having the land and the view of those who support federal protection.

How does the Bears Ears National Monument play into the debate over public lands? (Tag: Public Lands)

A Monumental Mistake

As many fellow Utahns may have heard, the size of Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase have been slashed by our president. This has been the largest rollback of federally protected land in America’s history. During Trump’s visit to Salt Lake City, thousands of citizens gathered outside the capitol to protest against this “monumental mistake.”  Bears Ears is a […]

Bears Ears National Monument and Public Lands

In Late December, President Obama declared 1.35 million acre area a national monument through the antiquities act, an act that gives the president power to declare a national monument. His controversial use of this power upset many republican lawmakers from Utah who were already upset with the amount of federally controlled lands in Utah. According to the Washington Post; Senator […]

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