I love my dog, but sometimes I question if he reciprocates this love. For example, he gives attention to me only right before dinner. I want to know if my dog actually has a human-like affection towards me or if he is just using me for food. I believe my dog sees me as a reward center. However, he also evolutionary needs to feel as if he is part of a pack and has affection for me, because he sees me as a fellow pack member.
Gregory Berns, the author of “How Dogs Love Us” used brain imaging to study if dogs are conscious of the fact that they are different than humans. According to the research, dogs that are presented with different odors can discern between dogs and humans.They know we are different, because we evoke a different place in their brains compared to other dogs. This part of the brain that humans evoke in dogs is associated with rewards. This supports my thesis that dogs see humans as reward centers.  How do dogs perceive us?
A type of connection between child and parent connection is called the “secure base effect”. The Secure Base Effect states that children need their parents to confidently perform. According to a new study by the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, dogs have a childlike connection with their owners, proven by an existence of the Secure Base Effect. The study by University of Veterinary medicine examined the dogs when presented with treats with three variables: absent owner, silent owner, and encouraging owner. The dogs were less excited to earn food when their owner was not encouraging. They also did the same experiment, except this time they had a stranger presenting treats in a encouraging, absent, and silent way.  This time, there was virtually no reaction by the dog to the owner. They concluded that the dog needed its owner to confidently perform, which is part of the Secure Base effect. This shows that dogs have some sort of emotional connection to their humans.  Do dogs see us as family?

How do dogs perceive us? (Tag: dogs)

Hello stranger! THIS IS ME!

Anthony Magana Sarabia Ms portugal 9/16/18          Hi, My name is Anthony Magana.This is my shadow box.  For some, it may look goofy for others but it can be relatable. For me, it’s my life in a flash.I get really happy and then I get that “eh”feeling, It’s my shadow box, my humor is funny, for others it’s dark and this […]

Problems With Animal Shelters

   I am passionate about the issue of animal shelters because dogs are not treated as well as they should be and they can’t do anything to fix their situation. Most of the time, it is because the human does not want the dog or that there is an overpopulation because people keep breeding dogs.    Before I started this project I […]

Do Our Dogs Love Us: Abstract

Americans own 70-80 million dogs. So obviously, dogs are a huge part of our everyday lives. Many American households see their dog as an extension of the family. But, do our dogs reciprocate our overabundance of love? Do dogs have a human-like affection for us or are they simply conditioned to know that showing affection gives them a better chance […]

Let’s explore the truth that Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world. This misunderstanding is caused because people do not know the true meaning of the religion and what Muslims actually stand for. We can construct informative and argumentative essays in order to spread the truth and argue against the misunderstandings of the religion of Islam.

Why is Islam the most misunderstood religion in the world? (Tag: Islam)

Discrimination against Muslims

My topic is concerning the discrimination against Muslims. Muslims are followers of Islam, and lately it has become a stereotype that Muslims are violent, and wish to attack the United States. With me being a Muslim myself, I can say Muslims are actually non-violent people that are discriminated against due to the 9/11 event. Before I researched my topic, I […]

Islamophobia: A Rising Problem

Islamophobia is a large issue in the United States. The term describes the prejudice that occurs against Muslims, a feeling that has been fueled by right-wing politicians and media outlets. I am passionate about this issue because I have Muslim family and friends, and I know that the anti-Islamic sentiment that many Americans have is wrong and unjust. I want […]

The Rise of Islamophobics

Around the world, more Muslims are being discriminated against as time passes. They are blamed for only a fraction of so-called “Muslim” doing evil deeds. Most Islamophobic people don’t seem to understand that not all Muslims are terrorists or even supports extremism. Not only are Muslims blamed for other’s actions they are now daily threatened to be killed or abused […]

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