Social Media has become a very integral part of youth’s lives. Social Media can serve as a tool to spread outdoor/environmental awareness, but can also be used as a weapon to exploit natural environments.
Youth need to be educated properly on how to conserve and preserve the natural environments, and not just to go outside out of social pressure to get a good photo. We need to appreciate the natural earth and land, not disrupt its peace for our own personal gains.
Through this research I hope to find ways to spread conservation awareness, as  well as to motivate youth to get outside in the natural world, and to leave the screens behind when they enjoy the outdoors.

How can Social Media influence youth and their outdoor recreation and conservation? (Tag: outdoors)

How Social Media can Spread Outdoor Awareness

Since my last post, I have done more research about how social media can and cannot positively influence people and their use of the outdoors. According to several articles, including one by the Africa News Service and another by the Scotsman, social media has become a major distraction. Our person to person contact is now very limited. Our senses are being […]

Social Media’s Influence on Outdoor Recreation

My chosen  research project for my english class asks the question of how social media and technology have influenced the environment and outdoor recreation. It has become evident on many social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Phhhoto and Facebook, etc, that many people are enjoying the outdoors. But are they really enjoying the outdoors, or are they enjoying the positive […]

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